Friday, September 18, 2009

Faded Paper Figures

Don't just watch the leaves fall this weekend. Spend some time falling in love with the Faded Paper Figures. This trio from southern California boasts a husband/wife combo (singer John Williams and backup vocalist Heather Alden) and a mastermind programmer (Kael Alden) who gained serious road miles writing the background music for a popular Lexus commercial. If you're staying far, far from the madding football crowd this weekend, sipping a bubble tea downtown perhaps at the Lollicup Tea Zone, this is the effervescent soundtrack to your life. Let the Faded Paper Figures be your happy paper soul cranes.

Faded Paper Figures, say hello to the Postal Service.

Don't miss "North by North." Alden's backup lyrics are a siren song tempting you to wander "far, far, far from home." I always feel like running when I hear this song—thanks to that bubble tea beat and Williams' enticing "follow me."

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