Friday, September 11, 2009

Go Fly a (Fire)Kite

I can think of no better way to open this blog than with the Firekites' "Autumn Story." This song will clap its way into your heart and make you feel, well ... wistful? content? lonely? It's a tribute to this song that it never really clues you in as to how you should feel. To some extent, it reminds me of walking home on a quiet October evening alone; at the same time, I picture love and an old house and sipping wine on the porch.  My dearest friend--whose opinion I value above all others--introduced this song and video to me. Ah, shivers! Nothing but shivers the first time I listened and watched. I promptly fell in love  on the spot--with him and the song. Now when I hear it, I remember the spooky sadness and joy and excitement of a new-found love. The Firekites sing, "We don't want these days to ever end," yet there it is--the specter of impermanence rising on a sad violin note.

I hope you find this blog a handy place to satisfy your hunger. Sometimes you don't even know you're hungry until you find something so satisfying it makes you realize you've been hungry for it your entire life. So it was for me with the Firekites. May they--and all of the other artists featured here--fulfill some need in you.

(The Firekites are an Australian collective formed in 2005.)

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