Saturday, September 12, 2009

On Rocking Out

The other night I was giving the local college radio station, KCOU, my daily benefit-of-the-doubt listen. I really do hold this station in the highest regard, despite its sometimes disappointing and baffling music choices. I can forgive them for their Michael Jackson tribute show, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Soul to Squeeze"? On college radio?! College radio should be squeezing our souls with experimental new tracks, not squeezing the life out of said souls by resorting to the business-as-usual top-40 model. Thank you, KCOU, for playing the Dodos and Silversun Pickups, but please find a remedy for Jason Mraz by NOT PLAYING HIM ON YOUR STATION. Okay, actually, I've never heard Jason Mraz on KCOU. But what I did hear the other night was one of my favoritest songs on the indie planet by Broken Social Scene. My friend calls it the "song I most like to rock out to in the whole world." I have no idea what the lyrics are. It's not important! Listen to those driving guitars! Oh, the sheer rush of it! This is one song that lasts long after it ends. That bass line will stick in your head, and you will need Jason Mraz to get it out again. Oh, and did I mention the clapping? Yes, there is clapping--this song can't help but applaud itself it is so good.

I realize this song doesn't quite classify as a "rocking out" song, but I am not exactly a "rocking out" kind of girl. To me, this is rocking out. Give me some hand claps and crunchy guitars and I'm feeling edgy.

Click to download the rocking, mush-mouthed brilliance of Broken Social Scene:
Broken Social Scene: "Stars and Sons"

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