Friday, October 9, 2009

Ghostland Observatory at The Blue Note, 10/10/09

You've probably seen flyers all over Ninth Street for this Saturday's Ghostland Observatory show at The Blue Note. The Austin-based glamsters are here just in time to get the spooktastic party started: consider them your loud-mouthed trick-or-treat bag of synth rock candy.

I won't be at the show, thanks to my own personal weekend of terror involving four unsuspecting wisdom teeth and an oral surgeon, but here's what I'll be missing (other than my teeth)...

Cross this:

with this:

And throw in some of this:

And, what the hell, some of this, too:

...and you end up with this:

Ghostland Observatory is Aaron Kyle Behrens (lead vocals/guitar) and Thomas Ross Turner (backup vocals/drums/keyboard/synth). Behrens is a disco Indian, and Turner is a guy in a cape. Simple as that.

(I couldn't verify if Behrens is actually an Indian or just likes to dress like one, but all sources confirm that Turner is a cape-wearing Pasty White Dude.)

A friend of a friend fowarded me a YouTube clip of the band performing "Sad Sad City" on Austin City Limits. Click here for a preview of their Ziggy-Stardust-meets-LCD-Soundsystem throwdown.

Or, if you prefer the nice, safe, recorded version...

"Sad Sad City" by Ghostland Observatory (from Paparazzi Lightning, 2006)

"Heavy Heart" by Ghostland Observatory (from Robotique Majestique, 2008)

But if you don't check out the show, you won't get to see Behrens and his fantastically rubber legs do this:

"Vibrate" from Paparazzi Lightning, 2006

Yes, the 80s nostalgia runs rampant these days, but there is a time and a place for every disco Indian and his caped sidekick, and that time might as well be now.

Johan of Black Box Revue

Black Box Revue is a group of six djs from Springfield, Missouri, and Johan is one of those turntabling six. Their myspace page says, "we love music and we love making you dance." These guys don't claim any lofty aims here, and neither should you. Just dance.

Here's a little commercial for their weekly hometown "indie rock/electro/new wave dance party."

I don't know if Johan is one of the guys in the electro-lighted corset bodysuit, but let's hope he is and that he brings it to The Blue Note this weekend.

Come see Ghostland Observatory  and Johan of Black Box Revue at The Blue Note, Saturday, October 10. Doors open at 8:00.


  1. With those "unsuspecting teeth" coming out, it's probably a good thing to miss this "rock candy show". Great comparisons and descriptions!

  2. Thank you! And believe me, rock candy is the last thing I'm thinking about right now.

  3. Speaking of The Blue Note. I just found out about a private Jack Daniel's show happening there. It's on November 8th and it's featuring Jack's Mannequin. I don't know if anyone really knows aobut this yet, but all I had to do was sign up to get on the guestlist, sweet find...

  4. Thanks for the tip. Very cool. I'll have to mention it in an upcoming post...