Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Say My Name" at Citizen Jane, 10/16

This week's weather has been a Tim Burton film... gloomy, dark days that run together like so many Helena Bonham Carter characters. I find myself thinking like an Icelander: Hey, maybe if I drink more, I'll be happy. It's no coincidence that binge-friendly Iceland ranks consistently high on world-wide happiness scales. Icelanders may have days of unending darkness, but at least they're drunk and happy. Lest we in Columbia go the same route, we need a sunshine substitute to chase the bottle-grabbing blues (and Helenas) away.

(The week personified.)

Opening night at this year's Citizen Jane Film Festival features a film about female MCs: Say My Name. It might shake you out of your funk and hit you up with some of the booty-shakin' kind. Director Nirit Peled tells the tales of emerging and established female lyricists from the Bronx to London. These women fight poverty, war, and HIV in their pursuit of rap stardom, giving voice to gender, race, and class issues as they attempt to break into the music biz. You can watch this edgy documentary at 7:30 p.m. over at Stephens College's Windsor Auditorium.

Here's a preview for Say My Name:

Sure, you could drown your Friday-night sorrows in a pint at Broadway Brewery, but then you'd miss what looks to be an intoxicating documentary—and the Say My Name after-party at Tonic. Yes, for those of you willing to brave the Columbia club scene, such as it is—I have to confess, I didn't even know Columbia had a club scene—there's an event called "Mess Up the Mix, Mix Up the Mess: Ladies' Music Night" starting at 10 p.m. at Tonic.

(Tonic advertises VIP areas with personal bottle service. I mean, really? Who's poppin' the Cris with models in the VIP lounge in Columbia? But I digress... This is just not my scene, folks.)

In all fairness, however, this particular event looks to be non-smarmy. It's part of the film festival and features MC Lyte, Toyy, Chocolate Thai, and other rap gals showing their stuff after you've just watched some of their stories on screen. Sounds to me like a good way to see these ladies in person. I'm not a rap fan, but it would be admittedly cool sitting in a bar with MC Lyte on the mic.

(Come on, don't act like you don't know.)

Admit it: it's been a hideous week. However, you still have plenty of months ahead to become Icelandic, so put down the vodka and come to Citizen Jane.

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