Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to Ashley at The Blue Fugue, 10/2/09

Columbia welcomes Welcome to Ashley  this Friday at  The Blue Fugue. If Thursday night’s Grizzly Bear show leaves you feeling a bit mauled, Chicagoans Welcome to Ashley will be your raging Red Bull. Crack open a bottle of this power-pop quartet and revive yourself for the weekend ahead. Fronted by Coley Kennedy, the band has a retro feel reminiscent of The Clash or Echo and the Bunnymen and freely cites The Smiths and The Jesus and Mary Chain as major influences. Currently promoting the release of their recently released EP, Absent Man, Welcome to Ashley brings Brit-pop flair to the heart of the Midwest.

Welcome to Ashley's single "Nothing But Grey Skies Ahead" forecasts a much brighter future for this band than the title would suggest:

Check out Welcome to Ashley with garage rockers Pat Boones Farm and Monte Carlos at The Blue Fugue Friday, October 2, at 8:00.

Ich Bin Ein Café Berliner

Café Berlin has a new home at Tenth and Ash in the so-called North Village arts district. In fact, you might have seen a bike convoy of about 30 cyclists moving cabinets, chairs, and other kitchen items across Providence earlier this week. Made up entirely of bike volunteers, the impromptu moving crew loaded up bike trailers and other rigged contraptions to help relocate Café Berlin's worldly goods in about two hours. Read the full story at the Columbia Missourian. In addition to greater visibility, the new location has a patio for live music, so stayed tuned for upcoming shows at the revamped venue...

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