Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yards & Gods Ball and Other CoMo Stuff

Did you know Columbia has its own indie record label? This was news to me—but then, I've only been living here a year. Columbia's very own label, Yards and Gods, is a music/arts co-op representing eight different bands, including Ataraxic Ataxia, Burger Kingdom, and In Dark Trees. You can even order a compilation album titled, logically enough, Yards and Gods Compilation Volume 1. These guys really care about local music and think you should hear it, too. (And they have a neat little elephant/kite logo.)

Even better, the label just threw a delightful little shindig known as the Yards and Gods Ball at the Eastside Tavern on October 3. You can check out a ton of pics and fun facts (like who's wearing the same ruffly shirt he got married in and what the random raffle prizes were) at Colossal Youth.

Nonreturner (photo courtesy of Colossal Youth)

As you can see, the theme of the night was formal wear (optional, of course)—for no other reason than that it's sometimes fun to get spiffed up and show off your swanky self while spilling cheap beer all over your natty threads. Featured label artists included Prize Wolf, Nonreturner, Cpt. Captain, Ursus Arctos, and the Makeouts.

Weekly Poll Results: Best Place to Hear Live Music in Columbia

You've voted, and the winner of the best local music venue is... The Blue Note, with Mojo's a close second.

Stay tuned for this week's Halloween-themed quiz...

Help KCOU—Again!

Thanks to your rock-hard support,  KCOU made it into the Best College Radio Station Top 25 for the 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards. Now they need your clicks to make it into the Top Five. Click here to cast your vote before October 10.

Mea Culpa

And, finally, one of the most difficult things about writing this music blog is realizing my own wrongness. I just returned from the Decemberists show and now want to recant the heresy of my earlier posting. While I never enjoyed the band's recorded stuff much, their live show is the bee's knees. There's a reason this band is so popular, and now I know why, too. More details to follow, but now it's time for some sleep.


  1. YAY!!!! I grabbed Colin Meloy's ass last night when body surfed over us!!!

  2. Good music and a good grope? Sounds like you got your money's worth.