Friday, November 13, 2009

Album of the Week, 11/13/09--"Belly of the Lion" by Ola Podrida

Wave #1: Rotten Wave

I did no work to uncover this week's Album of the Week. It's entirely a support staff pick—although the current "staff" consists of me and my partner in music crime, who always tosses excellent recommendations my way or forwards on random indie tidbits or happens to be with me when we uncover something blog-worthy.

This week we stumbled upon two wave-related items: Ola Podrida's second album, Belly of the Lion (released November 10), and a documentary about Rogue Wave's ailing drummer. In case you're wondering how the wave connection comes into play, ola podrida means "rotten wave" in Spanish. So this week we're awash in rotten waves and rogue waves. Neither sounds pleasant... but they both somehow are.

(For the sake of argument, I saw on one site that "olla podrida"—note the extra "l"—means "rotten stew.")

Ola Podrida is David Wingo, who spends lots of time crafting soundtracks to off-beat or obscure films like Gentlemen Broncos, Snow Angels, and Great World of Sound. He describes Belly of the Lion as "a guitar record for sure. I've been having fun plugging in effects pedals again" (courtesy of Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands). See what you think... Wingo's is a quiet, introspective sound on the modest folk side.

"Your Father's Basement"

"Roomful of Sparrows"

"The Closest We Will Ever Be"

Wave #2: Rogue Wave and the "D Tour"

On Tuesday night my friend and I were lucky to catch  Independent Lens on KMOS, which featured "D Tour," a documentary about Rogue Wave drummer Pat Spurgeon's quest to find a new kidney. The camera follows Pat on tour as he deals with daily dialysis and dietary restrictions, all the while searching for a living-donor match. If you get a chance to see this, you should check it out. Spoiler alert: Pat now has a kidney, so your dreams of literally being part of Rogue Wave are over.

You can watch the documentary online until November 17 on the Independent Lens website.

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