Friday, November 6, 2009

Album of the Week, 11/6/09--"Declaration of Dependence" by Kings of Convenience

A good friend of mine is working in Italy this week, which has me thinking of travel and foreign we're heading overseas to the land of fjords and lingonberries for the Album of the Week. I'd like to declare my dependence on Kings of Convenience's third release, Declaration of Dependence (October 19).

Kings of Convenience is Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe—two names more difficult to pronounce than cooking edible lutefisk. But names aside, these lads from Bergen, Norway, craft extremely accessible music. From the cool bossa nova on "Mrs. Cold," to the Simon and Garfunkel harmonies of "24–25," Declaration is a beautiful, listenable album with an undercurrent more Rio than Oslo. A bittersweet violin melody pulls "Boat Behind" along until it floats on its own hummable chorus of "I could never belong to you," accepting with a shrug the inevitability of life's ups and downs.

There's a reason the album has that laid-back, sand-in-the-shoes-at-sunset sound. Listen closely for drums... and you won't find any. Kings of Convenience simplifies things with two voices, two guitars, occasional cello or viola, and some piano. The result is one of the breeziest, likable albums this year.

These songs make me crave sunlight.


"Mrs. Cold"

"Peacetime Resistance"


"My Ship Isn't Pretty"

Watch Kings of Convenience get towed in a boat behind a carload of cuties they pick up along the way in the video for "Boat Behind":

Fun fact: Erlend Øye is one-quarter of the band The Whitest Boy Alive and provides the vocals for Röyksopp's "Remind Me," which GEICO dragged through the prehistoric mud several years ago.


  1. Ciao!

    Mi dispiache, ma io nona parlo inglese bene, ma amo tua blog! Vorrei ringrazzieare per l'invito a rètournare qui tutti giorno...è un piacère! Grazie mille, Tina. Tu è una bella donna....amore della l'Italia, sempre.

  2. Siete benvenuto. Grazie mille!