Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Foundry Field Recordings and Richard the Lionhearted at Mojo's, 11/7/09

One of the best things about blogging is learning random bits of information every day. Much of my "research" is admittedly surface level, but I do manage to save and process some bytes of knowledge that all add up to one scary hard drive. Today, while doing some research for an upcoming show recommended by comoprozac earlier this week, I stumbled across another Columbia music label, Emergency Umbrella Records. I know this blog can be like watching a two-year-old learn how to flush, but bear with me.

This Saturday you can check out one of the artists on the label (and a founding band of the Emergency Umbrella Collective), when Columbia's own The Foundry Field Recordings plays Mojo's with Richard the Lionhearted.

(The FFR)

The Foundry Field Recordings has been indie rocking and gazing at shoes since 2002 when singer/songwriter Billy Schuh started playing with a revolving cast of musicians he called Billy Schuh and the Foundry. By 2005, the current moniker was in place, along with a solid reputation and a busy touring schedule.

The FFR's first full-length album, Prompts/Miscues, was released in 2006. Although it took the band three years to produce, their debut effort reflects the obvious love and care it received. Billy Schuh paints his lovely voice all over the atmospheric canvas of hazy guitars and found sounds on such tracks as "Assembled Haphazardly" and "Battle Brigades, Pt. 2." Gloomy lyricism abounds on the acoustic gem  "Broken Strings," but it's the best sort of gloominess. Really, I'm impressed with what I've heard. Has anyone seen these guys live?

The video for "Holding the Pilots/Holding the Facts" from Prompts/Miscues (2006):

The FFR is currently working on their sophomore album, expected to be released this winter.

Check out The Foundry Field Recordings with Richard the Lionhearted at Mojo's, Saturday, November 7. Doors open at 8:30.


  1. It should also be mentioned that members of Bald Eagle (RIP) and Malone will be in the lineup Saturday. Also, Foundry has an EP as well.

    Billy seems to be working on his latest with the same care and attention to detail as the debut. He sent me demos and supposedly finished versions throughout the last year but still no album. Barry Hibdon is recording and assisting on the mixing at his recording studio on the north side. The new stuff sounds awfully Shins-like to me.

  2. Excellent follow up... thank you! You are obviously very familiar with these guys, and the album update is much appreciated.