Monday, November 2, 2009

Lost Daylight and the MidMO BRR Aftermath

Welcome, Standard Time. We've squandered saved daylight, leaving behind dark days as appealing as leftover candy wrappers in a plastic pumpkin. To chase away the gloom, here's a handful of songs I happen to like. They make me happy. They're the extra hour of sleep in my dark season.

Joshua Novak: "Tidal Wave"

Rogue Wave: "Lake Michigan"

Bishop Allen: "Butterfly Nets"

Iron and Wine: "Belated Promise Ring"

The Zutons: "Valerie"

Fionn Regan: "Put a Penny in the Slot"

Caribou: "Crayon" (also used in a Nike ad):

Time to eat Halloween chocolate...

MidMO BRR Aftermath 

Dressed as a woolly mammal, I pedaled my dignity away with the miles Saturday during the MidMO BRR. My camera died soon after reaching Katfish Katy's on the trail—really no loss, considering my lack o' skills as a photographer, but it is a shame I missed getting shots of all the best costumes. Check the Off Track Events website this week to see more pics once they're posted. The Columbia Missouri Cycling Cooperative should also have some up in the next week or two.

(One of the best "costumes" I saw was two wretchedly hungover sorority girls who came to pick up their car at 9:00 in the morning in the lot next to Flatbranch Park where the ride kicked off. I'm angry I didn't get that picture.)

Gathering at Flatbranch Park:

Mike Denehy, Off Track Events coordinator, with the "kindling-head guy" (?):

Random blues band at Katfish Katy's:

The early, tame crowd milling about at Katfish Katy's:
(All the cool kids were at the back of the ride with the KLUNK/Flatbranch beer bike—a bar on wheels!—and the Shakespeare's Bat Mobile pedi-cab.)

This guy made his own lederhosen:

I stuck around for the costume contest in Rocheport, but the shenanigans ended there for this worn-out sheep.


  1. Looks like a great event. I'll have to try that bike ride when my daughter is a little older, it looks like fun!

    I like the Bishop Allen song, "Things are what you make of them." Actually, got that song on a free Marlboro Compilation CD a few years ago.

  2. The ride is a lot of fun, and the cyclists really run the gamut--all ages, all personalities. It's an interesting mix.

    I'm going to check out that Bishop Allen song when I get a chance. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Fionn Regan : Penny in the slot? For some reason, that is probably my least favorite song. Reminds me a hobbit? not sure why.
    Just curious, do you subscribe to Paste?

  4. Something about his plucky guitar makes me happy.

    No, I don't subscribe to Paste, but I have a partner in crime who does: I sometimes check it out if I see it on his coffee table.

  5. "kindling-head guy" told me he was The Slim Jim Guy.

  6. Thanks--couldn't quite figure that one out. I seem to remember him wearing a fireman getup, but I suppose it could have been designed to look like a Slim Jim box??