Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rock the Wrench with KCOU

Hear them before they're legends! Discover Columbia's embyronic talent when KCOU hosts its student music competition Rock the Wrench next Tuesday at 7:00 in Jesse Auditorium. You can preview the thirteen contenders on KCOU's website. Skim band profiles and listen to tracks before you vote for your favorites. You can vote as many times and for as many groups as you'd like before 4 p.m. on Friday, November 13. The top five bands will move ahead to compete in the final smackdown at Jesse on November 17—when the audience chooses the ultimate rocking champion. Winners take home $500 and a happy little trophy.

You're likely to hear everything from a cappella glee clubbery to Ben Gibbard impersonation. Even if you don't attend the actual Rock the Wrench finale, check out the website for some free entertainment. Vote with abandon!

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  1. Rock the Wrench is a great occasion to listen to great music . Don't miss it .