Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Volcano Choir "Unmap"

It's not cold out this week, but it soon will be. Wisconsinites understand the true meaning of the bone-chilling brrrrrrrrrr, so who better to warm you this season than Volcano Choir, a band of Wisconsin natives, including Justin Vernon of Bon Iverian fame and members of Collections of Colonies of Bees? The former touring buddies have been collaborating together for some time: a few of the songs on Unmap (September 22) were written as far back as 2005. Lyrics are few and far between, with the emphasis mostly on shimmering ambience. This is an album you can play in the background while you're holed up in the house doing pseudo-constructive things.

"Husks and Shells"


"Island, IS"

KCOU Makes the Top 5 List

Thanks to all who voted, KCOU has made the list of Top 5 College Radio Stations in contention for a Woodie Award. Click here to vote for Columbia's own before November 9. Wood jokes abound...


  1. That first track reminds me of a Joan of Arc song with better singing. Thanks for posting these. I was wondering what this project sounded like.

    Oh, and I voted like 15 times for KCOU. It's been way better this semester than in the past. There's less sports talk and prerecorded indie rock from my college days and more new stuff.

  2. Agreed. 88.1 has improved 10 fold this semester.

  3. KCOU still has WTF?! moments, but they're much more listenable now than when I first moved here a year ago.

  4. Interesting low-key stuff. You might check out Years if you are not familiar with them. They had a pretty good release this year... some of the better tunes are here:

  5. Thanks for the tip. I'm not familiar with them, but I'll check out the link.