Friday, December 4, 2009

Album of the Week, 12/4/09--"White Water, White Bloom" by Sea Wolf

I've long been enamored of the song "Middle Distance Runner" by Sea Wolf (off the 2007 album Leaves in the River) but haven't really investigated the band further. Like many people these days, I steal tracks from random albums and don't always give the entire thing a listen. G-U-I-L-T-Y.

So I'm starting at the beginning here: Sea Wolf was formed in Los Angeles by Alex Brown Church, who needed an outlet to write the types of songs he couldn't with his current band, Irving (formed in 1998). As leader of Sea Wolf, Church plays with an ever-changing lineup of backing musicians and just released a sophomore album this fall, White Water, White Bloom (September 22).

The new album is heavy on strings, which lend complexity to simple melodies and nicely balance Church's smoky vocals. The whole thing is accessible in a Bright Eyes/Wilco sort of way. You won't feel like you're crashing someone's hippie drum circle or experimental jam session. There are times when you want to connect with the bearded unibomber inside you and times when you want to leave the isolated cabin in the woods and say howdy neighbor. White Water, White Bloom is an album best replayed and replayed and replayed until the melodies become reliable friends.

"Wicked Blood"

Download "Wicked Blood" [mp3]

"Turn the Dirt Over"

Download "Turn the Dirt Over" [mp3]

"White Water, White Bloom"

Download "White Water, White Bloom" [mp3]

"The Orchard"

Download "The Orchard" [mp3]

Stay warm this weekend.

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