Thursday, December 17, 2009

Curling Up with J. Tillman

Tuesday night saw a weird pairing of things: music by J. Tillman and curling on television. The two have absolutely no connection, other than the fact that my friend and I were there and were both drinking free white wine left over from that earlier arthritis benefit we attended. I don’t understand curling—hog lines? Stones? It’s all Canadian to me, but like a cold Molson, I can appreciate its regional flair on some level.

J. Tillman is not Canadian; he’s from Seattle, actually, and just happened to be playing on my friend’s laptop while we were sitting on the floor, drinking our benefit wine, and trying to decipher the rules of curling. Tillman has the most amazing voice: it skims the ice of my winter blues, sounding like a frosty Ray LaMontagne. I may be missing something with the sport of curling, but I completely get the goodness of this man’s voice.

Tillman is currently the drummer for Fleet Foxes, but he’s released many solo albums since 2004, including this year’s Year in the Kingdom, which includes the following tracks:

"Earthly Bodies"

Download "Earthly Bodies" [mp3]

"Though I Have Wronged You"

Download "Though I Have Wronged You" [mp3] 


Download "Crosswinds" [mp3]

I don’t think I’ll ever watch curling again—the curlers’ voices were the opposite of Tillman’s: abrasive little Canadian harpies shrieking “Hard! Hard” as they chafed the ice with their brushes—but I will keep an eye out for Tillman and his future projects.


  1. Oh, c'mon, you'll watch Olympic curling in Feb!

    Americans curl too, y'know... and they're not too shabby at it!

  2. Fair enough! Perhaps we need to start a curling league here in CoMo.