Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deck the Walls with Gig Posters and 360icon

(Poster available from Furturtle )

Ten years ago I was managing a picture framing store in Illinois and framing whatever I wanted—graphic notecards, watercolors from junk shops, ripped-out pages from antique books, cheap art prints—at a fraction of the retail price. My apartment walls are plastered with framed art, some of which I no longer love, some of which has faded, and some of which should never have been framed in the first place. Tastes inevitably change, and I've been thinking lately of swapping out some of those cheap posters for new ones.

(Poster available from The Small Stakes)

Gig posters may not need the triple-matted, fillet-and-frame approach, but they do fill a wall nicely and make good holiday gifts, too. Available poster styles range from Jason Munn's minimal The Small Stakes designs to Travis Bone's folksy Furturtle creations. For a massive selection, check out Most prints are in the $15–30 range, but some limited editions cost a good deal more.

(Posters available from

... And speaking of wall candy, my partner in crime and I attended the opening of 360icon's art photography exhibit at Tellers Monday night. 360icon is the energetic Kent Durk, who, along with his endearing wife Cindy and friend Laurie Shellhart, travels around Missouri photographing abandoned buildings inside and out and turning them into color-saturated works of art bearing closer resemblance to fantastical storybook sketches than simple panoramas. In their travels, the Durks have been chased from sites by camo-clad, gun-toting neighbors and unearthed spooky farm houses full of clothing and random household artifacts. Their photos breathe new life into dying structures and hint at forgotten histories.

(Photos courtesy of 360icon.)

On the 360icon website, you can take virtual tours of some of the sites. Prints and three volumes of photographs are also available from the folks who call themselves the "Old Creepy House Explorers Club."

The exhibit will be at Tellers through December.

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