Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hurricane Bells, "Tonight Is the Ghost"

Hurricane Bells is a new project from Steve Schiltz, frontman of the band Longwave. Schiltz wrote, recorded, and mixed all the tracks on the recently released Tonight Is the Ghost (November 10). With Twilight mania darkening the scene, you may have heard of Hurricane Bells—a b-side, "Monsters," appears on the New Moon soundtrack—but don't let that turn you off. The debut album is a moody, echoey treat for the seasonally afflicted.

"This Year" from Tonight Is the Ghost


"Freezing Rain" from Tonight Is the Ghost


In case you're wondering, hurricane bells are heavy bells suspended from treetops to warn of an approaching storm. I'm finally checking out the over-hyped Twilight books, and I sense a storm of mediocre writing on the horizon...

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