Friday, December 25, 2009

Track of the Week, 12/25/09--"Covered in Snow" by William Fitzsimmons

Merry Christmas 2009.

In honor of today's weather forecast, I bring you William Fitzsimmons' new video for "Covered in Snow." Filmed in Brussels earlier this month during his European tour, the video is a striking testimony to the beauty of Fitzsimmons' frost-fragile voice. Capturing sadness in his snow globe of sound, he lets it fall quietly, shaking it out with a whisper.

"Covered in Snow" is a reflection on Fitzsimmons'  father, who left home at Christmas time. According to Fitzsimmons, it was written "with the hope of mending the memories of the holiday and restoring my faith in the season."

William Fitzsimmons: "Covered in Snow"

Fitzsimmons is the youngest child of two blind parents who raised their family in a house filled with music instruments, including a custom-built pipe organ and some talking birds. Fitzsimons had just achieved his goal of becoming a mental health therapist when he decided to launch another career as a singer/songwriter. Some of the songs on his latest album The Sparrow and the Crow are dark compositions inspired by his recent divorce. My partner in music crime was lucky to share a beer with him earlier this year before he played a set at Mojo's and describes him as an all-around likeable guy.

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