Thursday, December 10, 2009

Y and G Second Compilation Release Party, 12/12

Don't forget to show your support for local music co-op Yards and Gods this Saturday night at Mojo's when they celebrate the release of their second compilation album, Yards and Gods Compilation, Volume 2.

Here's your chance to check out seven local bands (see flyer above) and get free cds. Local blogger/artist/writer/photographer Carrie of Colossal Youth will be giving away limited edition copies of "Delicate Things," a handmade collection of her short stories. Carrie is a talented writer but only has about 30 or so copies to give away, so be quick about it. Carrie is also pretty familiar with the Y and G bands and gives a good rundown on her site.

To get yourself in the mood, give a listen to the new compilation below, courtesy of Y and G's Zach:

1. "spoT oN" by Cpt. Captain

2. "Want Your love" by The Makeouts

3. "Hand of Gold" by Burger Kingdom

4. "Severed Arms" by Nonreturner

5. "Marooned" by John Sheffield and In Dark Trees

6. "If I May" by Prize Wolf

7. "Thylacine" by Ptarmigan

8. "Wirebird" by Flight

9. "Oh, My My (Nonreturner cover)" by Burger Kingdom

10. "What Is More" by Prize Wolf

11. "Le 'ospital" by Ptarmigan

12. "Landlocked, Landlocked" by Cpt. Captain

13. "Vanishing Act (2BK)" by Nonreturner

14. "Moon on Your Back, Kukulcan" by In Dark Trees

15. "Cargo Black" by Ursus Arctos

Festivities begin at 8:30 with $5 admission.

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