Friday, January 29, 2010

Aural Fix 1/29/2010: "Something" by The Leisure Society

(The Leisure Society)

Earlier this week my musical paramour and I watched a NOVA episode on the annual migration of monarch butterflies. Call me a nerd, but I love this stuff. I had no idea about the perilous 2,000 mile journey of the butterflies from Canada to Mexico. Sure, I knew they migrated, but I didn't know how far, and I didn't know they ended up in a very specific Mexican village just in time for the Day of the Dead. The newly arrived butterflies blanket the trees like lovely little leaves, and the Mexican villagers celebrate them as much as they do the spirits of their ancestors.

It's good to appreciate the beauty of the moment and pay homage to the past at the same time. Londoners The Leisure Society do both in their cover of the Beatles' "Something." There's nothing overly complex about this straightforward cover, but it's pleasing to the soul like the whisper of millions of butterfly wings.


Download "Something" [mp3]

The Leisure Society's debut album, The Sleeper, was released in July 2009.

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