Monday, January 25, 2010

She and Him "In the Sun"... and Me at My Desk

This weekend I took advantage of our rainy waste of a Saturday to buy and hook up a wireless router in my apartment. This may not sound exciting, but I was previously doing all of my surfing and writing on the floor of my living room, hooked up to a short modem line running through my television. Now I have a real home office. My desk and my laptop have been introduced in the spare bedroom, and there is serious chemistry.

(Yes, the desk lamp needs a shade.)

Having this amazingly comfy space to write makes me want to write more. It's akin to buying a new pair of running shoes or a new cookbook. There's revived interest. Why is it that our passions flag and then come back with renewed vigor? Do we just need breaks from them to appreciate them?

(Fashion Plates... I never stopped loving you.)

Whatever the reason, I've been enjoying sitting at my desk and computering. I spent some time on Saturday staring out at the rain and just searching for new music. Sunday, of course, it was blustery but sunshiney, and I didn't spend much time at my desk at all, choosing instead to goof off downtown and get some beach gear at The Alpine Shop for my upcoming vacation with my favorite music buddy.

Turns out, I'm not the only one who's spent some time in the sun lately. She and Him have a new album coming out March 23, titled Volume Two, and the first single is "In the Sun." Listen below.

"In the Sun" by She and Him

Download "In the Sun" [mp3]

Zooey Deschanel still has healthy bangs. The song is as fluffy as said bangs, but it's a good theme song for a sunny Sunday. As the duo's website states, "... the prevailing mood is bittersweet, dreamy, and romantic." Another blog I stumbled across stated that Deschanel wrote all of the tracks on Volume Two, with M. Ward producing.

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