Friday, February 5, 2010

Aural Fix 2/5/2010: "Courage of Others" by Midlake

This week Denton, Texas natives Midlake returned with their third folksy album, Courage of Others.

The band has largely fallen under the radar, although they did gather a small cult following after the release of their second album, (The Trials of) Van Occupanther in 2006. The new album is perfect for a cold and somber winter weekend when you find yourself holed up with nothing but your own introspection. Tracks like the opener "Acts of Man" feature sparse acoustic guitar and husky vocals. The overall mood of Courage of Others is not hopeful or uplifting in any way—which makes it the perfect complement to the season and the global mood in general. It is nevertheless beautiful.

"Acts of Man" by Midlake

Download "Acts of Man" [mp3]

And finally, this will be my last actual post before heading to balmy equatorial climes. (Before I go, I may schedule a few goofy filler posts.) But I'll be back with a sunburn and vengeance on February 15.  Have a great week.

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  1. have a great time down there, along with a ramos gin fizz:)