Monday, February 1, 2010

Basia Bulat's "Heart of My Own" (And a Vacation of My Own)

I tried to soak up lots of vitamin D this past weekend running on the KT trail and walking at Grindstone. I spent two hours Saturday browsing at the public library and left with a stack of seven books I'll never be able to get through in three weeks. Also, I cleaned my apartment, drank too many lattes, and started packing for my upcoming vacation next week... oh yes.

I will be in the Virgin Islands for a week.

I am really happy about this, and so is my serotonin-deprived brain.

Really, this is all I'm thinking about. I haven't searched for much new music, but Basia (pronounced "BOSH-uh") Bulat has a new album out, Heart of My Own, and here she is singing and zithering with abandon:

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