Thursday, February 4, 2010

But Did the Capybara See Its Shadow?

In a week filled with groundhogs, I stumbled across a picture of dapper capybaras. (Yes, more animals in clothes.) This reminded me of Kansas City's Capybara and their single "Hello City Glow," which I hear from time to time on KCOU.
Capybara are no strangers to Columbia. Several of the band members are Mizzou alumni who used to perform with the local band Dadbot. They've played numerous shows here in town, and they stopped by KCOU this past September to promote their new album Try Brother. Here's a little video of the whole thing:

CAPYBARA / The Wimp / Radio Performance from mark harrison on Vimeo.

The band also once sang to an actual capybara. (You can watch the video here.) (I think the capybara needs a tweedy vest.)

They have a bit of a freak-folk Dodos thing going on. (The Dodos are actually myspace friends of theirs.)

Right now Capybara's music is featured in the Sundance film One Too Many Mornings. And they'll be at Mojo's at the end of February as part of the True/False festival.


  1. I love the capybara. It's so cute - a dog-sized guinea pig. I want one!

  2. please don't dress it in tweed....

  3. arent you on vacation?