Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Josh Rouse Will Live on Islands

Monday, fresh off the Caribbean boat, I was offered free Ladysmith Black Mambazo tickets from a coworker. I wasn't able to take them, but it got me thinking about Paul Simon. This, combined with my longing for the tropical graceland I left last week, made me crave some island beats.

While I wouldn't want to live on St. John or any of the other Virgin Islands, I feel no shame singing along with this track from Josh Rouse's latest, El Turista, due out February 22.

"I Will Live on Islands" by Josh Rouse

Download "I Will Live on Islands" [mp3]

Rouse lives in Spain with his Spanish wife and child. (His wife, Paz Suay, famously collaborated with him on the album She's Spanish, I'm American.)

Originally a Nebraska native and former resident of Tennessee, Rouse has been recording since the late 90s. His latest album mixes things up with cross-cultural influences from Brazilian samba to Cuban mambo, interlaced with Spanish lyrics.

At this time of year, I usually feel the pull of mixtape fever, and it's coming on strong—much like spring, frankly, isn't. This track is going on my pre-spring mix, likely following some Orchestra Baobab, which always makes me feel happy and joyous and frolicsome.

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