Friday, March 12, 2010

Aural Fix 3/12/2010: "Excuses" by The Morning Benders

This weekend we return to daylight savings time. Welcome back extra hour of post-work sunshine. Welcome back noisy frogs. Welcome back college kids in inappropriate summer clothes. (Flip flops will not protect your toes from frostbite, you dingbats.) Welcome back smell of stinky fish from the weird weekly fish fry in the parking lot outside my office. Welcome back open windows, muddy KT Trail, humidity, thunderstorms, and incongruous indoor heating.

And welcome back Morning Benders...

The Morning Benders' latest album, Big Echo, was just released on Tuesday. The album opener, "Excuses," is a rhythmic lilt of lush 60s pop, layered with real and sampled strings and modern and vintage sounds. Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor helped mix the album, which features a lot of Grizzly-esque echoes and overdubbing, but the pop sensibility is entirely that of The Morning Benders.

"Excuses" by The Morning Benders

Download "Excuses" [mp3]

The Morning Benders made me feel all shame-faced for ripping off a single mp3 when I read this on their website:

We can't tell you how happy we are to be able to share this album with you! We've put a lot of love into it, and we'd love for you to listen to it as it was intended to be heard, as an album, from start to finish.

If you like what you hear, please consider "Excuses" a sample introduction to the album and then go out and listen to the entire thing.

And don't forget to spring your clocks ahead on Saturday.

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