Friday, March 26, 2010

Aural Fix 3/26/2010: "When We Fall In" by Sean Hayes

I discovered Sean Hayes last winter with his song "Flowering Spade." He has one of those shaky, incredibly warm voices that pairs well with a porch, a spring night, and wine in a plastic glass.

Hayes began his career playing traditional American and Irish music throughout the South before settling in San Francisco in 1992. Incidentally, he has a new album out, Run Wolves Run (with a seriously pissed off wolf on its cover).

The album opens with "When We Fall In," a track that grabs you from the beginning with call and response and beats you over the head with love, love, and more love.

"When We Fall In" by Sean Hayes

Download "When We Fall In" [mp3]

Interesting side note: Hayes played Jesus in the 2008 film Evolution: The Musical!

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