Friday, March 5, 2010

Aural Fix 3/5/2010: "Giant Stairs" by A Weather

I just happened to stumble across these guys Wednesday night in between paying bills and skimming other music blogs. On one site with a crazy number of new music links, I randomly clicked on "Giant Stairs" and liked what I heard. The vocals are soothing and make me feel like the band looks in the picture above.

Yes, A Weather are YET ANOTHER Portland, Oregon indie-folk band. But the warm, intermingled voices of Aaron Gerber and Sarah Winchester are so nice! The band's sophomore album, Everyday Balloons, dropped earlier this week via Team Love Records, the label founded by Mr. Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst.

"Giant Stairs" by A Weather

Download "Giant Stairs" [mp3]

A Weather will be at Off Broadway in St. Louis on April 28.

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