Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break

It's spring break for me, too.

I'm working and not traveling this week, but the weather is good, and I don't feel like blogging. I want to run and goof off in the sun.

Friday's Big Smith concert at The Blue Note was a hootenanny. A band must be good if it has me thinking, Yeah, two step! I should learn how to two step! Um, what?! Big Smith's fans are a mixed bag— folk-loving 50- to 60-year-olds, bearded farm guys in Caterpillar hats, well-heeled country line dancers, and the random ironic hipster chick—but they all love to dance, and they make it look fun. I felt a little out of my element: I like some bluegrass, but not all of it, and some of the songs were pretty twangy, but I can appreciate the spot-on musicianship. Then again... at one point during the show, one of the stage hands played drums on his naked beer belly. That had me thinking, Yep, I'm in Missourah.

I guess the most important thing is the energy the band puts into its performance. Their fans love them. Who am I to judge?

There have been worse labors of love birthed into this world—such as the 1986 film Troll, which was on late-night tv Monday. Oddly, the main character's name in the film is Harry Potter. Coincidence?

My friend and I stumbled across the climactic ending of Troll after watching The Goonies from start to finish. Now I see where The Fratellis get their name. It's been many years since I saw The Goonies in the theater with my mom and sister, but I could still sing along with the Cyndi Lauper theme song: "It's good enough. It's good enough for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."

(The original Fratellis)

This is my spring break: bluegrass, trolls, and Sloth.

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