Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Women's Day, 3/28, and a Show at Mojo's, 3/24

(Portugal. The Man)

Michelle Grant sent me an invite last week to KOPN's Women's Day this Sunday, March 28, from noon to 7:00 pm. It's going to be an open mic celebration of local female performers, so be sure to give a listen or show up early at 11:00 to be added to the list of performers. Michelle hosts the popular Thursday night program "Women's Issues, Women's Voices" on KOPN.

(Michelle Grant)

Wednesday night Portugal. The Man and Port O'Brien are playing Mojo's. It's one of the bigger shows in Columbia this spring. I hope you're fortunate enough to have tickets. Sadly, I'm not. The show starts at 8:30, and tickets are $10. In celebration, here's some Port O'Brien...

I apologize for the brevity, but the sunshine calls. It's too beautiful outside today to spend the lunch hour in a cube.


  1. Still don't much about Portugal, The Man, but I'm excited to see Port O'Brien.

  2. Hey, cool. I remember you buying the vinyl of Threadbare and wondered if you were going to the show.

    I only know about Portugal. The Man from KCOU--and probably only one or two songs at that.