Friday, April 16, 2010

Aural Fix 4/16/2010: "Solitary Gun" by Rogue Wave

This week's Aural Fix is in honor of next week's Rogue Wave show. Rogue Wave has caught a ton of flack for their latest Jonas Brothers-inspired album, Permalight. Perhaps the Jonas Brothers comparison is a bit harsh. The new stuff isn't that bad. It's just not classic Rogue Wave. 

I have to admit I'm looking forward to hearing the old material at Mojo's next Tuesday. I'm sure statements like those infuriate bands like Rogue Wave when they try to expand their sound and branch out into the pop arena. It just feels like something's been lost in translation. The new songs are missing the depth and acoustic soul of "Christians in Black" and "Lake Michigan" or the anthemy bombast of "Publish My Love."

KCOU has been faithfully playing "Solitary Gun" from the new album. Bless their hearts.

"Solitary Gun" by Rogue Wave

As stated above, the new stuff isn't that bad. But after years of waiting, we all expected something, well, better.

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