Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Going Rogue Tonight

I've been a race-going fool. On Sunday I was here:

That's Hermann. This weekend was the two-day Tour of Hermann where I was the support crew for my favorite cyclist. I took a bunch of bad photos and drank a really good Hefe-Weizen at the Tin Mill Brewery. (The beer in question is famous for tasting like cloves and bananas.)

But I also raced myself on Saturday in a 5K in Fulton and took third place for women. Yeah, so there were only about 40 people there, but I'm always excited to get a medal. It makes me feel like maybe there's hope for me as a runner yet.

And tonight it's the Rogue Wave show at Mojo's. JBM and MAN/MIRACLE are opening, but it's quarter to 8:00 as I type this, and I'm still at home, so it looks like I'll be missing the opening bands. Honestly, after the mind-numbing day I had at work today copying and pasting, I could easily take a nap, but that would be giving in to my creeping old age. I'll have none of it.

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