Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunshine Break

This weather waters my inner seed of writerly procrastination—as in, I'd rather be outside in the sun than inside at my desk.

I've been spending my lunch hours far, far from my computer, and hence, far, far from this blog. I know Japandroids came to Columbia this week, and next week Rogue Wave and OK Go will be here. Obviously, we have no shortage of good music in mid-Missouri.

As for me, I've been running toward an annoying hip injury these past few weeks, practicing my cello for my Wednesday night string group, and reading in the sun on my friend's porch. My bike tires have air again (thank you!), and we've spent some time cycling downtown and on the trail.

I've been trying to figure out many things in my life, including whether to start an entirely new blog or keep this one up on a less-regular basis. For now, I'll post what I can when I can, but being outside and having fun comes first.

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