Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Falling into The Temper Trap

(The Temper Trap)

Last weekend I started studying for the GRE, ran the trail, and walked through PedNet's Bike, Walk, and Wheel Week kickoff Saturday and Earth Day Sunday with my partner in musical crime. Earth Day can best be summed up with lots of bongos and girls with rainbow-colored hair and hula hoops. The environmental displays attempted to ground the festival and keep it from embarking on its own self-indulgent acid trip. But we didn't really stop to smell the organic flowers.

(Mother Earth Day)

Late Sunday found us at Broadway Brewery for a bluegrass jam and lots of beer. We missed my friend's friend playing his mandolin, but we didn't miss out on the beer. Apparently, the jam is a weekly feature at Broadway Brewery, and anyone can join in, provided you're somewhat acquainted with obscure Scottish/Irish folktunes written in 6/8 time. Drink enough beer, and you'll think you know them.

All this talk of beer, hippies, and hula hoops has me thinking music. We need something new this week... Last summer Aussies The Temper Trap released their first studio album, Conditions, featuring the single "Fools." Apparently, the band just created a monolithic stir of Ayers Rockian proportions at this year's SXSW and Coachella music festivals. And it's easy to see why: lead singer Dougie Mandagi has a falsetto voice that's harder to overlook than a giant red rock on the horizon.

If you like what you hear, you can see The Temper Trap at either Crossroads in Kansas City on June 8 or The Pageant in St. Louis on June 9.


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