Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ending the Summer with First Aid Kit's "Hard Believer"

It's the last week before the university's fall semester begins. It's the last week I will be able to park on the street directly in front of my office building. It's also the last quiet week we'll have around here for a while.

If you are a student, I mean no offense. Your very existence is my bread and butter. However, you and your kind sure do muck up traffic and shake up our sleepy town.

Of course, as a precursor to the returning student mob next week, sorority girls have been congregating in the area around Rollins and parading up the street in matching clothes. Is this rush week? I don't get the greek thing, so I don't know how it works. But I am creeped out. Yesterday I had to cross the street in front of about 60 new recruits in matching shorts and t-shirts led by three girls with inflatable electric guitars and Elton John sunglasses. Oh, and they sing sometimes, too.

But let's talk about actual singing and guitar playing.

I drove to work this morning listening to First Aid Kit's "Hard Believer" on KCOU, which always makes me sing along like a drunken, lovesick cowgirl. Even when I'm spaced out and thinking about other things, I find myself singing along. I don't know if I really even like this song, but it does make me yodel—quietly when I'm distracted and loudly when I'm feeling joyous.

It would be beyond creepy if there were 100 girls walking around on Rollins looking like the little fairy princesses from First Aid Kit.

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