Thursday, August 19, 2010

Get Localized: Y&G and CAT tv

Columbia loves its music. We even have our own music co-op, Yards and Gods, which is always coming up with fresh ideas to promote its bands and give you music for free—yes, for FREE. At the end of July, Michael from Y & G sent me a new Nonreturner video for "Sockhops" off 2008's The Nonreturner. Slacker that I am, I'm just now posting it, but needless to say, it is here and it is creative and it involves sock puppets. Watch the sock puppets play miniature instruments on stage in front of a small crowd of sock puppet groupies. The best part about this video is the sock puppets' mastery of shoegaze. Playing in a forest of snowy trees, the sock puppets take this amazing song to a whole new level of introspective bliss. It's a fun way to introduce yourself to Nonreturner if you haven't heard them yet.

You can also listen to two tracks from Arthurian Honey's latest single on the Yards and Gods site. The Austin, Texans bring you "Honey, You're My Friend" and "Loose Lips Sink Ships"—two tracks that both ripple like sunshine on water.

The Arthurian Honey single is just the first of many Yards and Gods Singles Club releases to come. Visit the Y&G site each week for a free digital single-of-the-week.

Be sure you check out the second Y&G Singles Club single from Conceal and Carry, as it features former Columbian Carrie Wade (who writes darn good album reviews on her site Colossal Youth) along with Zach Biri from Nonreturner (who also has his own site Black Block Faxes). Both tracks, "Space Walk" and "Solar Flares," feature layers of chilly ambience perfect for down-tempo moments. I gave them a listen Wednesday night and was transfixed. If you appreciate understated beauty, you'll love these hypnotic gems.

Also earlier this summer, Trevor from Kansas City tipped me off to CAT tv's Notes from Underground. Our local cable access channel features live bands each Saturday afternoon. Check out the schedule to see which local bands are playing when. I haven't seen any of these recordings yet, but the idea of watching god-knows-who perform appeals to something in my voyeuristic side.

(The FFR)

And finally, don't forget to support our other local favorites The Foundry Field Recordings when they play Mojo's this Friday night. Doors open at 9:00 and tickets are a low $5.


  1. Yards & Gods is signed up to do Notes from the Underground on the 25th of September around 6 PM, so several of us will be playing songs and possibly doing interviews on CATV before we pile in the car/van/whatever and head to Eastside Tavern for the 2nd annual Yards & Gods Fall Ball formal-wear extravaganza that same night around 9:30.

  2. I'm glad I put the info on CATV in this post, too. Thanks for the very timely update!