Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Love Language Shares Its "Libraries"

(The Love Language)

A few weeks ago my partner in musical crime and I heard a track on KCOU that we both liked. We took advantage of KCOU's new to identify the song before we forgot about it. (By the way, KCOU, it's about time you gave us a site like this. My biggest gripe has always been your smug withholding of song/artist identification.) And so we discovered that The Love Language has a new album, Libraries (released July 13), blending '60s croon-and-swoon with easy/breezy handclaps and guitar.

The song we heard, "Summer Dust," is perfect for weather like ours that makes you feel like you've been baked into summer dust; it makes its lilting way across the space between your ears and demands nothing from you but a willingness to chill out and daydream about young love and summer and hummingbirds.

The more popular "Heart to Tell" shakes things up to a sweat-inducing level. It's the bratty kid sister of 2009's raucous "Lalita." (Actually, I think I'm partial to the distortion and angst of the earlier track; this one is much more lighthearted.)

"Heart to Tell" by The Love Language


I'm still kicking myself for missing The Love Language when they were in Columbia earlier this year. But not to worry: They're playing The Blue Note with Local Natives on October 3. It should be a can't-miss show.

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