Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seizing the Day Half-Assedly

 The Carpe Diem Beginner String Ensemble

Where the heck have I been? Sorry about that. June and July were busy here at A Ravenous Horde headquarters. I developed some nasty blogging habits—like not updating my monthly concert calendar and...well, not posting.

Two good things: I got an A in my class. I got paid for my first freelance job.

I did not do those two things half-assedly.

And Wednesday night we wrapped up the summer session of the beginner string orchestra at Carpe Diem (see above). My noisome sextet performed for a group of kind friends and even a sweaty cable repair man, who decided he needed to check out Carpe Diem's cable in the middle of the recital, which involved entering and exiting mid-performance and bending over to show his crack. He did stay for our final number, "Chariots of Fire," but declined to partake of the refreshments. Vangelis would have been proud.

The performance reminded me of when I was a kid and used to write plays and perform them in the garage for those neighbors who were indulgent enough to come watch. Perhaps this is the theme of my life? I'm good at half-assing things for the amusement of acquaintances?

I suppose that's a trend that continues in this blog, except I'm half-assing things for friends and a bunch of blogospherians.

Right now I'm getting psyched up for a mixed cd contest with my musical partner in crime. Our two friends will be judging the cds and voting on their favorite, so the pressure is on to find some new music and win the Cd Mixoff. This means I'll probably have lots of new stuff to share with you in the coming weeks.


  1. So, you're alive. You need to get cracking on this here blog. Let's go!

  2. Updates are long overdue. Bad Tina!

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  4. Wow, I can't believe my eyes! Can you think of another word to use in place of half-assed?? You seem overly fond of it in this entry. Otherwise all is well, photo and artwork in it look great.

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