Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stars: The Five Ghosts

By now you've likely heard Stars' newest single "Fixed." If you haven't, check out the video below. Like most Stars songs, it shines bright with listener-friendly energy and clarity. And in case you want a whole album's-worth of new Stars material, their latest, The Five Ghosts, was released in June, with reviewers describing it as a darker album, less sing-songy and trite.

As long as Amy Millan's voice keeps streaking high across the galaxy, the exhilaration of Stars will never wear off.

Listening to Millan reminds me of the awe my twelve-year-old self felt the first time I heard the Sundays' Harriet Wheeler sing "Here's Where the Story Ends" in 1989. Some girls listened to Tiffany and some girls listened to Debbie Gibson, but I was a Sundays' girl from that moment on. (Um... I also had a strange obsession with '40s band leader Glenn Miller, so it's no surprise I was a walking target in 7th grade.)

The Sundays' song is timeless. I still love it, which I can't say about most music I listened to then. (I'm not really "In the Mood" these days.)

There's just something about a crystal clear voice that could break glass... If I could be reincarnated as a singer, I'd want to be Amy Millan.

Here's the video for "Fixed":

But "The Aspidistra Files" is still my favorite Stars song:


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