Monday, October 25, 2010

The Curse of Josh Ritter

(not Josh Ritter)

Lest you think I decided to relocate to Elba Island, I'm here to assure you that I'm very much back in Columbia. I've been wrapping up freelancing projects and getting ready to move into an actual house.

Last night I fell asleep on my significant other's couch watching Nosferatu, which put me in a holiday frame of mind. Bring on the vampires, werewolves, psycho killers (qu'est-ce que c'est), and mummies. Incidentally, I'm currently enamored with Josh Ritter's "The Curse" from his latest album So Runs the World Away (May 4, 2010). The song features a love story between a mummy and a scientist with a nasty curse thrown in for tragedy.

Oh, and best of all, it's a beautiful song that will make your bandages unravel. 

Happy Halloween.

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