Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Post, New Music

I'm usually one of the first people to take down my Christmas tree, so why has my blog been stuck in Holiday 2010? My excuses: (1) I've been working on an editorial project nonstop, and (2) D. and I have been film-going fools for the past two weeks, seeing True Grit and Black Swan and 127 Hours and Winter's Bone. Also, I wasn't aware that anyone visited this blog anymore until this morning when I read on Building International Coalitions... that A Ravenous Horde was one of the major referral sites to Zac's. Say what?

So here I am, trying to be better (at least for a little while) about posting.

Okay, there's a fourth reason I haven't posted much: I've come to terms with my own high levels of suck as a music blogger. I mean, I rarely go to shows these days, and I haven't been following new music, and I've been in a music slump, and I've been thinking about what to do with the rest of my life, and all of that light-hearted stuff.

I've thought of turning this blog into a random record of my art projects, music, writing, photos, etc. But I'm more likely to just start a whole new blog if I go that direction.

And then there's D. I spend most of my time with a music lover who shares his new finds with me, and it's hard to dump my music blog when he's there to remind me how much I love music once I settle my wandering, restless mind down enough to focus. He should be writing this music blog. Seriously.

I cannot claim credit for these two bands:

The Joy Formidable
D. has been humming these tracks everywhere he goes. The 90s grunge kid inside me appreciates running into The Joy Formidable's Welsh wall of sound. Once they get going, they punch you in the face. Their debut album, The Big Roar, comes out March 15 in the United States. D. burned me a copy of a mini-album they released in the last year or two (A Balloon Called Moaning); I've noticed a slight Breeders' influence mixed with My Bloody Valentine.

"Whirring" by The Joy Formidable

The U.K. tour kicks off this month with a U.S. tour to follow (no dates available yet).

Stornaway takes its name from a small town in the Scottish Highlands, but these four boys are British—from Oxford, actually. They released their debut album, Beachcomber's Windowsill, in May 2010. When you're in the mood for English folk, this hits the spot. Just don't watch the video too closely. This song sounds better when you don't see the self-consciously well-groomed, indie-fied band members.

"Zorbing" by Stornaway

It looks like Stornaway will be touring Australia and Europe for most of 2011.

Happy New Year.

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