Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Joy Is Formidable

In April D. and I almost died on our way to see The Joy Formidable in St. Louis (as described here). Okay, there was no actual death brushing, no lights at the end of the tunnel...we just missed what would have been a really cool show at a really cool venue (the Luminary Center for the Arts) because of the tornado that hit the St. Louis airport. We exited I-70 to dodge the tornado and then got back on I-70 to continue on to the show but got stuck in traffic for about four hours. In short, it sucked.

But our story ends well. Fast forward to last week when a mysterious package arrived in our mailbox from overseas. Thinking it was a gift from our Italian friend Bruno, we were surprised to find a signed photo inside along with several signed albums from our now-favorite band The Joy Formidable. The handwritten inscription on the photo reads "Thanks for trying, guys. See you at next gig hopefully. R R & M."

No, the band isn't psychic: After the concert D. posted our story on The Joy Formidable's fan forum to vent and rant and maybe get a t-shirt out of the whole ordeal—something to make us feel that squirming with full bladders on the highway for eight hours was somehow worth it. But then time passed and we forgot about it. Receiving the package was a little nugget of joy in an otherwise dull work week.

For the record, the Joy Formidable rocks and they care about their fans.

Now for some shameless self-promotion: Check out the COMO Collective for my weekly music preview on Cheyenne Marie Mize and Vandaveer at Mojo's Wednesday, June 15.


  1. Glad you received it. Something written on The Big Roar as well. Take care & lots of love.

  2. Thanks again! We'll have to look at that one more closely. We really appreciate it!

  3. I would love to see some close up shots of what you got! COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!